Wednesday, September 22, 2010

What Is The Blog All About

The Earth and its living conscious beings trembles at a new dawn. Renowned scientist declare god(s) useless or not as the necessary creator of the universe and religions reform in the wake of ever-proceeding flow of information how it all truly revolves. Minds of different sort crave for answers to the questions in the core of our humanity - why are we, where are we and how it all became to be - and every person as a subjective entity finds answers most comforting to their tastes. I am not here to judge whether the view that God or Allah is that answer for you, nor could I produce the answers with the specific detail of the chosen religion or science, but what I seek is understanding, solidarity and right to freedom to all - even to the frightening prospects of science. Injustice, moral dilemmas and hypocrisy lie everywhere in the path of our kin, and the conflict between science and religion is no different from the everyday crapheaps people give each other. That's why I write: to spread and gain understanding between two opposing sides, trying to maintain and pursue an objective and comforting vision of a better tomorrow in our world in constant change - amidst all human.

Religions have been a major part in human life through history, forming civilization and organisations to support complex social structures. While it is debatable that religiousness has made it possible for humans to interact on a big social scale such as a government it certainly has an impact on how and why people interact on a bigger scale than just their normal acquaintances. Religions as a result of similarly religious people might've also resulted into a cradle of civilization - from where it all began. The role of science has developed in the meanwhile as it has progressed, bringing prosperity resulting from revelations that have been made into technical advancement. I'm taking advantage of those results right now, sitting in front of a complex technical device to produce this nonsense for any an interested reader.

There's a conflict between science and religion - the affair of this passionate couple has been going downhill ever since Galileo's discoveries that earth actually orbits the sun, and theories of evolution and the birth process of the universe haven't actually helped to heal the wounds of conflict. Conservatists resort to things such as creationism, spreading propaganda of how scientific theories are just theories and how science cannot explain all, even forcing their belief to be taught at school systems. Great scientists mingle in the problematic relation, criticizing religiousness in general. Be it pro-science or pro-religion both parties feel that their precious world-views are at risk. There's also a greater side in all of this - the advancement of humanity and civilization as a whole. We live an era of wondrous technical progress that can possibly free us from burdening the Earth we inhabit, rid us of currently incurable diseases and bring greater share of information to all of our kin.

To find a balance where faith interrupts not but prevails a more whole picture of our universe, where there is not conflict but a union, where logic and altruistic feelings find a home at both sides - that's where humanity "wins".


  1. religion definitely had it's place in the forming of societies

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  2. I really like your blog! It's so informative!

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